The Purple Boat

Hahahaha!!! I don’t even know where to begin about this. Having a purple boat the last year has been interesting to say the least. When I started my guide business over 4 yrs ago I was going to do it. However, when I had my Shadowcast built, I chickened out and went with a black hull. Funny thing about doing a black hulled boat was that it got the same response as the purple one: “black hull?”, “ won’t that scare fish?”. Now I see black boats everywhere.   One thing is certain, people either get it or they’re just in total disgust with the whole concept. I’ve had kids, adults, and people from all walks of life stop me to take a picture with the boat.

It gets called the Joker boat and the Hulk boat the most but who knows what people say about it when I’m not around. Some of the negative feedback, snickering, or name calling associated with a boat color has also been hilarious! People have yelled at me to “move back to Florida” (I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, TX), I’ve been asked “if the boat came in heterosexual colors” (old guy ducked into the bait shop when my boy called him out), called a “kook”, had my boat buzzed on multiple occasions, and even had to de-escalate a confrontation on the water with my Glock.

Honestly I could care less what people think about my badass purple boat or me. I spent almost a decade in the military as an FMF Corpsman (the most Rockstar military job), I have a degree from Texas A&M CC (Go Islanders!), and did security contracting in Afghanistan. So now my only problem is paying a small amount of bills and trying to taking a less stressful approach to life. I get to fish almost every day, do what I’m passionate about for a living, sail with a great group of guys, and some days people even pay me to go fishing. The best part is my Joker or purple boat was paid off when I picked it up from the dealer. To me it’s my office, it’s a piece of skiff art, and should be an extension of my personality, especially if I spend almost every day on it. I mean who cares what some guy that hates his life, has a huge boat payment, and probably never gets to fish thinks. NOFX said it best and I always think about it when I see someone burning the shorelines, acting a fool, or being rude when out on the water “Dinosaurs will Die!”