Ah… the controversial 1st blog post.  The post that sets the tone or vibe for the future post, that is if I can remember to slow down every once in a while and type something out. Honestly I used to write quite a bit for blogs, magazines, and other odd publications that came up but somehow have gotten away from it.

The Creative Outlet

The Creative Outlet

Fly fishing has a way of consuming your life sometimes. Before you know it, you blink, then one, two, or in some cases five years have gone by. However, you have seen things on the water that you can’t even put into a picture or words, waking up every morning to have the saltwater calling to you. I believe that I have one of the greatest office views on the Texas coast, making it easy to let time escape you.

This blog will be two things. The first is an outlet for me to share what I have learned or seen from being on the water. The second would be hopefully to help you learn from my trial and error, to increase your fishing knowledge, while giving you the occasional chuckle.

I will try to be well-rounded in topics covering everything from fly tying, tips, patterns, or what’s working for certain types of the year; locations, what areas or environments along the Laguna Madre have been producing fish and why; interviews with people in the industry making a difference or thinking outside the norm.

Hopefully you will enjoy what I write and can take something away from it. So follow along for the ride!