This time of year, as the weather cools off and the fishing heats up, I get calls and messages from people about what they can get their significant other for the holidays. So I’m putting out this blog to help give you some ideas of gear and other things to make this holiday season a little easier for the hard to shop for. First off, I’m not paid to promote these in anyway, this is gear that I’ve bought over the years and put through the ringer.

Anetik Clothing Long Sleeve Performance Shirt $60- If you’re looking for the absolute best and most comfortable outdoor fishing shirt on the market, these guys are it! I cannot say enough positive things about this shirt or any else they make. I’ve worn them fishing, mountain biking, snowboarding, sailing, hunting, and doing ranch work. Right now they have free shipping on all orders with promo code SENDIT.

Hatch Outdoors 5 Plus Gen 2 Finatic $550- This is one of my favorite reels that I own. I like the size of it for trout fishing in Colorado or on rivers, but it’s also my go to reel on the skiff for clients. I’ve used it in so many harsh environments and never been disappointed. It’s a beautifully machined reel that not only is stout but has a drag that will stop anything you throw at it on the flats. If you’re looking for a gift that they can pass down to future generations of anglers, look no further. Hatch is currently running a special were you get free Dacron backing with a reel purchase.

Maui Jims Sunglasses $199-300- So this is a fairly new brand switch for me. I’ve always used another brand of glasses for over a decade; however, I really got sick of the quality and customer service starting to decline over the years so I gave Maui Jim a try. I should have switched years ago! I could go on forever about how much better they are but think once you try them for yourself you will know. I talked to the guys at Roy’s Bait & Tackle in Corpus Christi, TX and they helped me pick out the perfect ones for what I do.

Vet TV $4.99 a month or $54.99 yr. –This isn’t fishing related but such a great gift to give the veteran in your life. This is a subscription service that is made for veterans by veterans. The amount of dark inside humor will keep you laughing for hours and it supports a great idea. This is a must have stocking stuffer for any military member (even POGS will enjoy).

Simms Fishing Headwaters BOA Wading Boots $199- I purchased these last year in Colorado and couldn’t be happier with them. At first I was worried that they might be too heavy or clunky to walk around in, however, my worries were instantly put to rest the 1st time I wore them. These are the ABSOLUTE most comfortable wading boots I have ever own and you hardly notice them. I’ve hiked a few miles in them and my G4 Waders with zero complaints. If you know someone who loves to wade these are a must have luxury item.

Spyderco For a birthday gift a few years ago, I was given a Spyderco knife. My 1st thought was “great, another pocket knife”. So I threw my old knife in a drawer and starting carrying the Spyderco as my everyday knife. This knife has been everywhere with me; Texas flats as a boat knife, backpacking all over Colorado/Wyoming, fishing trout rivers, the Florida Everglades, the Keys, etc… It’s a beast of a knife. Durability? Well one day working cattle, I was kicked by a bull (my fault) right on my pocket where the knife was, the hoof hit the case and dispersed the impact on my thigh. My ranch hands saw and heard the whole thing. Next thing I know, I’m standing there thinking my femur is broken and why did that not hurt as bad as I thought? I don’t if other companies can say their knives are “Bull-Proof” but this one sure was that day. I cannot say one bad thing about this knife.

Tecovas Large Duffle Bag $345- This is a great gift for the traveler in your life. Last year I was in the market for a nice leather travel bag. I looked and looked until I stumbled across a boot company in Texas that makes beautiful duffel bags. I purchased the large one and couldn’t be happier with it. I was a great price, durable, and very well made. So much so that I ordered 5 more for Christmas presents.

Andreas Kalani Loki Knife $350- I bought this knife with the intentions of using it on for an elk that unfortunately didn’t happen. However, I will use it this whole hunting season for white-tail deer and wild hogs. This is the nicest knife I have ever owned. The beauty, feel in my hand, along with the craftsmanship is truly unbelievable for such a small mighty skinning knife. Andreas’s customer service is also world class, which I feel is extremely important to me and who I do business with.